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Based in Northern Germany close to Hamburg, Holm & Laue has been producing auto calf-feeding equipment since 1991. The company’s flagship product is its 100 Auto Calf Feeder, which feeds 100 calves across four feed stalls. Daviesway – Holm & Laue’s Australian distributor – has installed many 100 Auto Calf Feeders in Australia, including 15 units for Australian Fresh Milk Holdings at Gooloogong, NSW.

Milk for calves is mixed and delivered warm to the feeder stall when the calf enters, and feed rations and frequency can be programmed to suit individual calves. Holm & Laue is also responsible for the ground-breaking, mobile stainless steel Milk Taxi, which comes in a range of sizes and configurations to suit most calf-feeding needs. Models range from the push-and-pull version through to the electric drive and towable versions. Milk Taxi’s beauty is that calf milk can be easily mixed, pasteurised, heated and accurately dispensed through an adjustable, automatic flow nozzle. Perfect for whole milk, it also shines when it comes to mixing milk powder. Two of the practical design highlights are its mobility plus that it heats and holds milk at temperature indefinitely. It also makes filling calf troughs, or water troughs for that matter, a breeze. Units with a capacity up to 250 litres are now available.

Daviesway - Holm & Laue Distributor Australia