Redene Concentrate

Original Redene

Iodophor Teat Dip and Spray

Redene is a superior quality, low irritant teat dip or spray for the control of Mastitis causing organisms and other disease conditions of the udder and skin. Contains 20 grams per litre  (2%) Available Iodine.

The original Redene teat spray started Iodine teat disinfection in Australia in the 1960’s. It’s original formulation has been improved by the addition of a complex emollient system.

Redene 2% Concentrate stability when mixed ready for spraying – Lasts 162 Days!

Pack Sizes 20 Litre, 110 Litre & 200 Litre


To make a minimum of 0.5% available iodine in the final solution dilute I part of Redene in 3 parts clean water. Unused mixture may be used at the next milking, provided it is not contaminated.

Additional emollient may be included to a maximum of 10%.

If washing is required for heavily soiled teats, ensure they are properly dried. Thoroughly spray or dip teats after every milking.

Redene Concentrate – Dasco Teat Care Australia