Daviesway iMilk 2.0 – Mobile bucket milking machines

double bucket mobile milker

Single and Double – Mobile bucket milking machines

Whether you have a sick cow in a herd of 500, or a single animal which needs milking on a lifestyle farm – a portable milker is your game-changer. Single and double units available for milking cows, goats, sheep, camels, buffalo... Every dairy should have one


  • Mobile, tough & easy to use 
  • Perfect for injured/sick cows 
  • Robust milking cluster 
  • 30-litre stainless steel bucket 
  • Highly manoeuvrable large rubber wheels carry a heavy-duty trolley frame & handle 
  • Carbon Vane Vacuum Pump – no oil 
  • Pulsation can be changed between 55 - 120 pulses/minute.

Milking machine specifications

  • Engine power – 0.55kw
  • Speed – 1245rpm
  • Pump flowrate – 250l/min – 50-Kpa
  • Vacuum tank – 20 litres
  • Vane type – Carbon

Mobile single and double milking machines – Daviesway Pty Ltd