Stallion Smart Calf Feeding Bottle

Peach Teat Nurser Bottle

Hand-held single teat bottle feeder.

When a calf squeezes a traditional teat, most of the milk goes back into the container. The Peach Teat’s unique patented internal collapsing flap-valve holds the milk in the teat, so it functions like a cow’s teat – moving all the time while the calf is suckling, and never closes in its relaxed state. This means that the teat is self-cleaning and resists blocking. It is also long-lasting and features a milk opening on each side of the nipple, which makes it leak-resistant.

Peach Teats are manufactured from a natural rubber specially developed to meet the needs of calf rearers, ensuring that the teats feel natural and comfortable. Peach Teats will pull through, or screw-on all standard calf feeders. Peach Teats can be used for tube or gravity feeding.

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