Acid Flo

Heavy Duty Liquid Acid Detergent

Acid-Flo is a low foaming liquid acid detergent for milk-stone control and removal. It acts as a water descaler and is phosphate free. Designed for removal of mineral soils, it is ideal for use in hard water conditions. Recommended for use in cleaning dairy parlours, vats and CIP systems.


  • Suitable for all water types
  • Ideal for automated C.I.P. cleaning systems
  • Maximum cleaning power at low concentrations
  • Cost effective at recommended dose rates
  • Double strength blend of Nitric and Sulphamic Acids
  • Sanitises and kills thermoduric bacteria
  • Low Foaming – can be used with all air injectors
  • Can be used in parlour and milk tank
  • Pack Sizes 20 Litre, 110 Litre & 200 Litre

Acid-Flo - Dasco Acid Dairy Cleaners Australia