NASAA Certified Organic Certificate of Registration - Daviesway DASCO

DASCO first to achieve organic cleaning agents for dairies

Australian company DASCO is the first to offer an organic certified range of dairy cleaning chemicals and teat dips/sprays.
The Melbourne-based family business – a sister company to Daviesway – has been working on the milestone for the past three years.
DASCO’s Industrial Chemist, Hamish Hunt, says the initiative means DASCO continues to drive forward with the answers farmers and their suppliers need to sustainable questions in 2020.
“We are the first company to do this, and we’re the first team to say if chemical ends up in the manure pond it’s now going to be fertiliser, so it had better have a positive impact on-farm,” Mr Hunt said.
“We had to have products that would not only leave no residue in food, but which would also show no on-farm residue accumulation over time. And, ideally would be fully biodegradable within close to 45 days on-farm, so there was no potential for run-off into waterways.”

NASAA certified

The range includes rinse aids, alkalis, acids and teat-sanitation products that all meet the requirements for use on organic dairy farms, including for the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) Certified Organic (3071M).

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DASCO NASAA certificateo of Registration 2022

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