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When it comes to sophisticated calf care, Calf Tel raises the bar. The company specialises in manufacturing individual calf and goat hutches from its Germantown base – in the USA’s dairy heartland of Wisconsin – where almost all calves are raised in individual hutch systems.

Daviesway teamed with Calf-Tel to bring US-manufactured calf hutches to Australia for a reason. Utilising innovative thermoforming technology, Calf-Tel has consistently enhanced product durability, UV resilience, ventilation, and hygiene standards. Calf-Tel hutches are thermoformed from extruded polyethylene sheets, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability through molecular bonding within the plastic. This commitment has supported farmers in raising healthier calves and achieving greater profitability.

Daviesway also supplies the Calf Tel pen system and a range of larger hutches for small groups of four to six calves, offering excellent protection from the weather for intermediate-aged calves who are ready to mingle. A full range of accessories is also available.

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