Renovate or Rebuild?.. Weller's story.

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> Pictured from left, Greg Lechte Daviesway Warragul, Wayne & Dale Weller

A Gippsland dairy family saved $700,000 by choosing to renovate its 50-stand rotary instead of re-building from scratch.

Patriarchs Wayne and Joan Weller, together with son Dale milk up to 1300 cows on two farms at Longwarry, 84km east of Melbourne. By making intelligent use of their existing infrastructure, they have made some “night and day” improvements to one of their dairies without breaking the bank.

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Milking Prep: Same Process, Every Time

teat scrubber 01Take away all the bells and whistles and the basic premise of a successful dairy operation, regardless of size, is simple: produce as much high-quality milk at the lowest cost possible.

While thousands of variables impact this mission, few are as important as the process undertaken to harvest milk from the udder. The process is made more effortless when the cow’s udder is clean and she’s ready to let go of her precious cargo. That’s where the premilking routine comes in.

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Victorian farmers save more than $300,000 on a new dairy

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Saving money and building a new dairy don’t usually go hand-in-hand.

However, Victorian sharefarmers Rick and Sharon Boyes saved their Drouin employers $330,000 on their new 24 a-side swingover herringbone dairy (including the structure and the yard).

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Join the “Triangular Vented Liner” Revolution

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> Daviesway Area Manager Brendan McGrath shows Leongatha dairyman Rod Cope the latest Milkrite claws.

Almost half of US dairy farmers and five of the world’s biggest dairies are using Triangular Vented Liners.

For over a decade, the Milkrite/InterPuls award-winning Triangular Liner and internally moulded Triangular Shell combination has delivered a gentler milking by evenly distributing inflation pressure from three sides.

The addition of the "Liner Mouthpiece Vent" is truly revolutionary and 200 plus Aussie farmers have already made the move!

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UBCO Electric Farm Bike – Ultra-quiet & low maintenance

ubco electric bike 01

Two wheels, two motors, No gas, No noise.

The UBCO Electric Farm Motor Bike is next-level technology straight out of New Zealand.

Running on battery power, the bike can travel around 120km on a full charge. It has a top speed of 50kph, recharges from flat to 90% in six hours (via a standard three pin plug charger) and it has a two-wheel drive for control in even the most slippery conditions.

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