Renovate or Rebuild?.. Weller's story.

weller news

> Pictured from left, Greg Lechte Daviesway Warragul, Wayne & Dale Weller

A Gippsland dairy family saved $700,000 by choosing to renovate its 50-stand rotary instead of re-building from scratch.

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New - CR-1 Cup Remover

CR 1 Electronic Cup Remover 4

Finally, you can easily customise your cluster equipment so they work exactly the way YOU want them to. The CR-1 system can be retrofitted over other brands of worn ECRs.

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Everyone should have Milkrite

McLaren Pic 1

Few things can be as frustrating as high thermoduric or Bactoscan counts when you know your dairy is clean, and your protocols are solid.

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UBCO Electric Farm Bike – Ultra-quiet & low maintenance

ubco electric bike 01

Two wheels, two motors, No gas, No noise.

The UBCO Electric Farm Motor Bike is next-level technology straight out of New Zealand.

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Milking Prep: Same Process, Every Time

teat scrubber 01

Take away all the bells and whistles and the basic premise of a successful dairy operation, regardless of size, is simple: produce as much high-quality milk at the lowest cost possible.

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Join the “Triangular Vented Liner” Revolution

cope news

> Daviesway Area Manager Brendan McGrath shows Leongatha dairyman Rod Cope the latest Milkrite claws.

Almost half of US dairy farmers and five of the world’s biggest dairies are using Triangular Vented Liners.

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Potent new probiotic negates antibiotic use

Hooper Story Pic 1

Hooper Farms has eliminated antibiotic use in its calf shed after introducing a potent new probiotic range to its Gippsland operation.

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Newborn calves are like cancer patients

Newborn calves

A newborn calf’s immunity is similar to that of a cancer patient, according to one of Australia’s premier dairy veterinarians, Rob Bonanno.

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Victorian farmers save more than $300,000 on a new dairy

boyes 01

Saving money and building a new dairy don’t usually go hand-in-hand.

However, Victorian sharefarmers Rick and Sharon Boyes saved their Drouin employers $330,000 on their new 24 a-side swingover herringbone dairy (including the structure and the yard).

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Liner choice critical in achieving low BMCC

Haberfield Pic 1

Colin and Tracy Haberfield dropped their bulk milk cell count (BMCC) from routine peaks of 200,000 down to an average of 80,000 with just one change.

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Choosing the right gumboot!

choosing the right gumboot 2019

Choosing gumboots is an important decision, given that dairy farmers spend most of their days on their feet in them – usually on concrete.

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Silver lining as confined housing pays off for NSW dairy couple

Thompson cows in barn 02

> Fans installed at the end of 2017 made a big impact this summer, helping hold Silvermere's average per cow production through January at 41 litres.

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Calf rearing challenges

BRENDAN JOHNSON Calf Rearing Specialist

There is no handy “one size fits all” when it comes to rearing calves.

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Making life easier – Auto Calf Feeders

Auto Calf Feeder and Hygiene Station

The past nine years of rearing calves have probably been the easiest of Dianne White’s 50-year career.

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SCC dropped by up to 100,000 Triangular Vented liners

steve hoar dairy farmer

Asking questions and being prepared to hear the answers dropped Steve and Deanne Hore’s Somatic Cell Count (SCC) by up to 100,000 on their 1500-acre Leitchville property in north-west Victoria.

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Calf Shed Hygiene – Keeping it clean

calf shed hygiene germidet stalosan 01

The challenge with calf sheds, is that you’re housing calves with little immune function in an intense non-sterile environment.

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Advanced dairy installation - Hi-Tech farm

Pederson dairy

“The idea was to future-proof ourselves”

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Logic rules the day in Tasmania

Korpershoek dairy farm

Isaac and Angelique Korpershoek can’t believe something so logical took so long to be discovered and developed for the dairy industry.

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New dairy changes family's life

calf shed hygiene germidet stalosan 01

Gippsland share farmers Ben and Lou Hall look forward to milking these days for good reason.

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