Calf Nutrition, Probiotics & Supplements

DASCO’s highly sought-after nutrition, probiotics and supplement range includes some exclusive calf-rearing products from its specialised calf-rearing department. Our experienced staff understand the importance of rearing healthy calves and have seen some great results including greater milk production and lower VET costs.

Probiotics definitely have an influential role to play on farm – improving calf health, supporting strong growth and productivity. 

“Farming is so intense nowadays that calves are exposed to more harmful bacteria than ever before. The traditional rates of probiotics in milk are no longer relevant in modern calf-rearing practice. That’s why we’ve included more than double the level of probiotics in BioCalf over every other current product on the Australian market.”
Dr Robyn Plunkett BVSc

Dasco range of healthy calf rearing products include –  Kwik Start – Colostrum supplementBioBoost Probiotic Paste for calves, BioCalf Probiotic non-antibiotic powder additive for calves, Keta-go, Pronto for scouring calves, K-Tol - aids in the treatment of Acetonaemia (Ketosis) and Bloatway - prevents bloat.

Calf Nutrition, Probiotics & Supplements – Dasco Calf Rearing Products Australia