FutureCow - Teat Scrubber

FutureCow Teatscrubber

Automated one-step teat preparation that washes, disinfects, dries and stimulates milk let-down

This is a patent-pending “future now” design whose origins lie in the USA. An automated one-step teat preparation, it washes, disinfects, dries and stimulates milk let-down. This scrubber shortens pre-milking teat preparation time, cuts down labour (or allows you to milk more cows per hour with the same labour) and has eliminated laundry and towels in many dairies around the globe.

Powered by a 24-volt DC motor, the ergonomically designed handle houses an impact and chemical-proof unit that includes three rotating brushes (including a bi-layer, teat-end brush to cater for different teat lengths). This is the next-level of teat preparation.

FutureCow - Teat Scrubber – Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia