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If you’re looking for automated teat spray solutions, we’ve got you covered. Daviesway is the largest Australian distributor for Onfarm Solutions which produces Teatwand Exact and Teatwand Stepover for rotary and herringbone dairies respectively.

The reliable and commercially robust technology was developed within a strategic partnership with New Zealand's foremost mastitis consultant, Dr Adrian Joe. The resulting automated teat spraying systems have been rigorously tested in commercial New Zealand and US dairies.

The Teatwand Exact – for rotary platforms – is designed to work equally well as a pre-spray or post-spray solution. Thorough coverage of all four teats is achieved with the use of two independently controlled spray nozzles, which extend under the cows’ udder as the rotary platform passes. The laser position sensor and fully adjustable touchscreen control system allows for exceptional coverage and the efficient use of expensive teat sprays. Teatwand Exact is easily retrofittable to all existing rotary platform brands, and it can be included in any new dairy project.

The Teatwand Stepover is equality appropriate for pre-spray and post-spraying, and it can also be used in a rotary dairy (for example, if staff allergies to teat sprays are a challenge). It is located in the exit, and it automatically tracks the speed of the approaching cow, making it the most accurate in-line teat spray on the market. It features adjustable application rates, and its high-flow function uses all four spray nozzles. An automatic nozzle wash negates cross-contamination.

Tap into this technology…through Daviesway.

Daviesway - Onfarm Solutions Automatic Teatwand Distributor Australia