Ambic – Easidipper

ambic easidipper

The EasiDipper™ system is designed to combine the accuracy of teat dipping with the speed of teat spraying to give you the best of both worlds! – reliable and cost effective means of pre and post teat sanitisation.


EasiDipper in Use

  • Better teat coverage than spraying
  • No more manual filling of Dip Cups
  • Less chemical consumption than spraying
  • Quicker than manual dipping

Whilst teat dipping generally achieves better teat coverage at a lower level of chemical consumption and requires less operator skill compared with teat spraying, it has the disadvantage of being a slower, more laborious process, which often slows down milking and adds to overall labour cost.

Ambic Easidipper - Daviesway Spraying, Dipping & Milk Sampling Equipment Australia