Milking Claws

Daviesway supplies and manufactures a full range of claws for cows, sheep and goats in Australia. Today’s claws are lightweight, durable, comfortable to handle and made out of industrial-grade plastic. All Tech-Line Claws have the “touch-down” feature, allowing for swift one-handed cup removal by breaking the vacuum. Milkrite InterPuls, Boumatic and Daviesway Claws fit a broad range of liners.

  • Solid stainless steel body with a clear claw bowl, including the Flo-Tek Standard, Flo-Tek Lite and Flo-Tek F11, claw bowls
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design makes Milkrite InterPuls claws a dream to handle
  • A high-performance claw – the ultimate milking unit
  • A large 350ml capacity, which remains lightweight and includes the revolutionary “touch-down” feature
  • Italian-based, small-ruminant milking specialist InterPuls chose Daviesway to market its top-shelf sheep and goat milking range in Australia

Milking Claws Supplier - Milking Equipment – Daviesway Pty Ltd