Calf Safe – Organic disinfectant

Cafe Safe Organic Disinfectant

Non-rinse organic disinfectant – safe to use without shifting calves.


Calf-Safe joins the important range of safe and meaningful antibacterial sanitiser/disinfectants to which Daviesway DASCO has long been committed.

It is a natural Australian-made biocide derived from 100% botanical extract, which is NASAA certified input for organic production.

Calf-Safe is rated to the strength of a hospital-grade disinfectant, and it is safe to use every day while calves remain in the pens. It is also a non-rinse sanitiser, so continues to have a bactericidal and fungicidal impact on hard surfaces until the loading exceeds the volume of Calf-Safe present.

It’s also safe to use on calf teats between groups, to spray on scouring calves to stop them re-ingesting bacteria, and to apply to all surfaces in the pen (and on calf feeders) to stop cross-contamination.

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Calf Safe organic disinfectant – Dasco Calf Shed Hygiene Australia