Automatic Teat Cup Removers

automatic teat cup removers

Daviesway has built it's own cutting edge automatic cup remover – CR-1 Electronic Cup Remover

Finally, you can easily customise your cluster equipment so they work exactly the way YOU want them to. The CR-1 system can be retrofitted over other brands of worn ECRs.

  • Can be fully customised, using the most up-to-date software programmed from any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Controls existing components 
  • In-built system diagnostics & alarm sensors
  • Controls pulsators

Automatic Cup Removers (ACRs) have become an integral part of dairying in Australia today – with almost 30 per cent of Australian farmers investing in the technology (Tarrant & Armstrong 2012).

They bring several key advantages to the table, including reduced labour, less time-pressure in the dairy, and lowering SCC (because of their consistency at take-off, and reduced over-milking). ACRs are made up of many components: milk flow sensors, rams, control systems, and switches or activation points. They can be fitted to both new and existing equipment, which is a major advantage. And you can build on them as your budget allows – easing any financial hurdles.

Daviesway comes into its own in the often confusing ACR market, because of its specialised and experienced in-house team – which includes manufacturing. Daviesway offers a number of options from the best companies in the world, and we would welcome the opportunity to chat about the best options for your dairy.

Automatic Teat Cup Removers Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia