Rapid Release – Herringbone Style

Rapid Release

Rapid Release configuration is effecient style of Herringbone Dairy – Cows walk in one end, stand on the platform for milking and then the entire bailing system lifts up and out the way so cows can walk straight forward. Daviesway have designed and installed many quality heavy duty Dairy KIng solutions the have lasted 20 plus years.


The Heavy Duty Dairy King Stall system can be configured for both end exit and rapid release installation.

The system can include:

  • The bailing or cow location system
  • The stall work – or A Frame and kick / breech rail assembly
  • Entry and exit gates
  • Entry areas

swiftflo bailing02

Rapid Exit Dairy

A Rapid Exit dairy is normally configured with a double up milking machine. The concept is that when the clusters are removed from the cows on one side, they can exit and the next side in much quicker than in an end exit installation. Therefore, having a dedicated cluster for every cow position optimises performance.

The Dairy King bailing system has a purpose built option for rapid release dairies.

DairyKing Swiftflo Rapid Release Bailing

For this system to meet its full potential the shed size and concrete layout must be considered to ensure cows freely walk away from the bailing.

Dairy King Swiftflo End Exit Bailing

swiftflo bailing01

The Dairy King Swiftflo bailing has a number of significant features that assist milkers. Cow control while milking is improved dramatically as the bailing system removes any pushing and shoving that typically happens in straight rail dairies. The biggest and most dominant cows have no influence over the smaller and timid cows due to the individual bail position. The unique feature of the tear drop bail locates the cow by the shoulders and not the brisket which means they cannot move away from the breech rail while having the clusters attached. They are very comfortable in the bailing and typically enter the platforms willingly to be milked.

  • Bailing setup suitable for varying size cows within the herd
  • Individual plastic moulded feed bins and steel frame
  • Large capacity air compressor and regulator.
  • 2 x air operated platform entrance gates and control handles
  • 2 x sets air controls for bailing and entrance gates

DairyKing Modular Stall work

Modular Stall Work  Cow Yard copy

The Dairy King Modular Stall work is part of the total integration of our system. The Stall work begins with the lead up wings from the yard, the single file entrance race and the DairyKing air operated entrance gate. This means the Bailing system and the Stall work fit together as one component without a contractor having to “make” it all on site.

Included components:

  • Folded galvanised pit edging with pit overhang to suit
  • Trusses across pit to carry all equipment
  • Hockey sticks and cross pit milking system carriers
  • Kick rails and breech rails all clamped together
  • Pit head posts and railings
  • Auto ID entrance race (to 2.5m long) up to entrance gates
  • Cow yard lead up wings to the entrance race – no side gates supplied.
  • The system clamps together which prevents any welded joints in the wet areas of the pit. 

Swing Over Dairy – Change to End Exit Dairy

An End Exit dairy can be used for both a swing over or double up milking machine configuration.
Daviesway provide numerous specifications for bailing, milking machine and feeding systems for this style of installation.

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