Quatro Long

quatro long

Size: 4-14

The title refers to the length of the Quatro gumboot, but it could equally be referring to how comfortable they are – regardless of the long days you spend in them. This gumboot is for the most discerning shoppers in Skellerup’s range. The knee-height gumboot includes a 4mm insulated lining (for warmth and comfort) and it is ergonomically designed to give additional support around the foot and heel. Much lighter than their photo suggests, this gumboot is also highly abrasion-resistant with a cupped rubber outsole with tapered mud-release cleats. The Quatro Long also features the signature rubber ribbing across the top of the foot for extra protection, without a hardened toe. It has a replaceable inner sole, and a custom-fitted elasticised top bind.

Quatro Long - Daviesway Adult Gumboots Australia